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November 12, 2012

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Macro Express Pro v

Macro Express Pro v is now available from This release of Macro Express Pro contains many enhancements and bug fixes including:

  • A portable version is now available for use on portable devices.
  • Added Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 to the ‘Get OS Version String’ and ‘If OS Version’ commands.
  • Now handles Read Only and protected macro files better.
  • Many enhancements were made to the Multiple Choice Menu command.
  • Improved the Wait for File to be Ready command.
  • Enhancements to improve how variables are handled and created.
  • Made a change that should prevent dialogs appearing underneath other dialogs.
  • Improved recovery when an FTP command gets an error.
  • Variable values in the Variables Debug window are now updated correctly when debugging with the Clear Variables or Variable Restore commands.

A complete list of changes is available on the Revision History pages.

Portable version of Macro Express Pro

We hear it often and we experience it too. Macro Express users rely on their macros. The more macros you have, the more you expect them to be there when you use a computer. Any computer. It is frustrating to do things manually that Macro Express can automate. We miss our macros!

Many Macro Express users are called upon to help others with their computers. Family, friends, neighbors and coworkers ask for help. Now you can take your macros with you! Macro Express Pro Portable can be installed on any portable drive. Macro Express Pro Portable will run from that device rather than the local computer and you can use all your time saving macros.

Purchase Macro Express Pro Portable today. See for details and a special offer for those already using Macro Express Pro.

Macro Express and Windows 8

Will Macro Express and Macro Express Pro run on Windows 8? Yes!

Macro Express and Macro Express Pro run fine on Windows 8 in the desktop environment. Windows 8 allows you to create shortcuts on the tiled interface (formerly called Metro) to programs running on the desktop. You can use these to run macros to perform automated tasks.

The newest versions of Macro Express and Macro Express Pro include support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 in the If OS Version and Get OS Version commands.

Tip: Run as Administrator

More and more users are now using Macro Express and Macro Express Pro on the latest versions of the Windows operating system. Windows Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8 users have discovered issues where macros do not work with some programs. Security features added to Windows cause most programs to run in non-administrator mode. Programs are now limited in what part of the hard drive and registry they can access and there are restrictions with programs accessing other programs.

When Macro Express is running with normal privileges it can send keystrokes and mouse clicks to other programs running with normal privileges. However, if a program is running as an administrator or, in some cases, in compatibility mode, Windows does not allow Macro Express to send information to that program.

Similarly, when Macro Express Pro is running in non-administrator mode, it cannot lock and unlock the keyboard and mouse for other programs.

The solution in these cases is to run Macro Express as an administrator. To do this, right-click on the icon used to launch Macro Express and click ‘Run as administrator’.

Tip: Macros in Adobe Reader

We have received a number of inquiries about how to get macros to run in Adobe Reader X or XI. In order for macros to run, Adobe’s Protected Mode feature must be turned off.

Follow the steps below to turn off Protected Mode in Adobe Reader X and XI:

  • Open Adobe Reader
  • Click Edit, Preferences
  • For Adobe Reader X click General or for Adobe Reader XI click Security (Enhanced)
  • Click to uncheck the “Enable Protected mode at startup” setting
  • Click the OK button to save
  • Restart Adobe Reader

Sample macro: Convert a date in a string format into a DateTime variable

Convert a string containing a date into a DateTime variable using this macro. This is another demonstration of the ‘Run Macro in Variable’ command. Visit for detailed information and to download this macro.

Shared Macro: Log 10 and Ln Calculator

John Greiner writes Macro Express macros for others. He has shared his Log and Ln Calculator macro for those who need a Log calculation in Macro Express Pro.

Shared Macro: Age Calculator

Have you needed to calculate the age of someone while running a macro? Milton Shepperd has and shared his Age Calculator macro. Visit Age Calculator for a description and to download his macro.

Updated Macros: Move The Mouse and AutoCorrect

We appreciate those who are willing to share their macros with others. Some even share their macros again after they make improvements. These macros are improvements to previously shared macros.

Ian Stuart’s macro MoveTheMouse is a new and improved macro to smoothly move the mouse from one location to another improving upon the previous Schmoooove macro created by Ian Steele.

John B. Williston has updated his AutoCorrect macro with a new version written for Macro Express Pro.

John Greiner, Milton Shepperd, Ian Stuart and John B. Williston will each receive a Macro Express T-shirt for their contributions. Send us your tips, tricks and macros.