Reduce Repetitive Stress Pain

Your Macro Express product is fantastic. I have been using it for about one year. It has helped me to recover from severe neck and shoulder pain caused by keyboard and mouse repetitive motion. My job has a lot of repetitive keystrokes. Last October while searching in the search engines for a better keyboard I saw a listing for your product. It was the first time I realized a Macro program was part of the solution to my neck and shoulder pain getting healed. So I did some research and found yours to be the best for my needs.

The price is very reasonable. The product is easy to learn and it literally cut hundreds of keystrokes and mouse movements out of my work day. I still use the Macros I wrote a year ago and am always adding more. Great Job.

My neck and shoulder pain has slowly gotten better and better and I would say its now 90 percent well. Couldn't have happened without Macro Express.

Oh and the additional bonus, I am able to do more work because the Macros are quicker than me entering keystrokes. I love the Macro speed up tool.

Thanks for a Job Well Done.
Miguel G., CA.

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