Saves Over 2000 Man-hours a Month

Professional Grade Macros was hired in March 2001 to provide macro automation for Corsa Performance in Berea, Ohio. We chose Macro Express 3 as the best tool for the job. Macro Express soon became an integral part of their operation. In June 2007 we began using a Beta version of Macro Express Pro for all new macros. Later, existing macros were converted to run under Macro Express Pro.

The first macro written manages the printing of shipping labels. Different clients have different requirements for labeling shipments. Macros now automate the label printing by using the sales order number to look up the client and customize the label printing according to their specifications. Prior to using Macro Express Corsa employees had to print out a sales order, manually look up the client and then manually select the correct labels to print. Automation shortened a 60 second process to one second. This may not sound like much but in an operation that ships 5 full semi truck loads every week, this one macro alone saves many hours.

The advanced features in Macro Express Pro allowed us to create a single macro server that performs many tasks at once. The Directory Modification, System Event and Process Event macro activations allow macros to run when specific things change in the data. And the ability to run multiple macros at one time allow these macros to run simultaneously.

For example, as sales orders, purchase orders and engineering changes are entered into the company database, Macro Express Pro detects changes that have been made and performs data validation and warns of invalid or incomplete entries. When errors are detected an alert is emailed to the person who entered that information.

To create a subassembly requires a variety of parts built by different departments. These parts are then assembled in the final assembly area. At 5:00 AM every day, a macro runs that compares sales orders with shipping records to create a list of what needs to be built in order to meet the sales orders due that day or that are overdue. Reports are created for each manufacturing division containing a list of what they need to build that day and what is coming for the next 5 days.

Macro Express is now an integral part of all departments at Corsa Performance. The more than 100 macros in use at Corsa Performance save over 2000 man hours each month! Additional savings are realized because using macros to customize processes eliminated the need for custom database work which would have been much more expensive than the cost of writing macros for Macro Express Pro.

Although we started with Macro Express 3, using Macro Express Pro allows us to do things that could not have been done previously. I've never had a problem converting a macro from Macro Express 3 to Macro Express Pro.

Joseph Weinpert
Professional Grade Automation Software

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