9 Million Uploads and Counting

During these tough economic times the business of Property Preservation has boomed. When a home or business is foreclosed by a bank, credit union or mortgage company they hire a Property Preservation company to maintain the property. These companies provide yard care, security and watch for vandalism or damage such as broken pipes or leaky roofs.

The Property Preservation company is required to upload photos and other documentation to the lender after work is performed at the property. This information must be submitted in a timely manner as it is proof that the work has been completed. The lender's systems used to upload this information are cumbersome and require tedious user involvement. We have automated this using Macro Express Pro.

The system consists of three basic steps. Receive inbound data, process and distribute it and upload the files to the correct websites.

The inbound processes receive photos, documents and invoices via email attachments and are handled by 4 dedicated virtual workstations. Macros read inbound email via a 3rd-party COM object. Files are then saved in folders with names generated from the email subject line. Files with invalid job numbers are immediately emailed back to the sender.

The distribution processes extract and place files into various networked computers based on information contained in the email subject lines. This task is run by 2 dedicated virtual computers. Macros continually sweep inbound folders for new jobs and photos. When found, these jobs are distributed to the next available open outbound computer, or whichever outbound computer has the least number of jobs in its queue.

24 virtual workstations log in to various client websites to upload photos and documents. There are more outbound than inbound computers because the outbound tasks take a greater amount of time. The outbound macros determine who the client is via data in the folder name. Then it looks up login information for that client and fires off an Internet Explorer COM object to upload the files. After the upload is complete it determines the next course of action via a returned status string. The event is then written to a transaction log. When failures occur, the macro emails a report to the client and posts transaction logs on a web server accessible by the clients via the Internet.

Our system saves the Property Preservation companies many hours of work and costs much less than performing the uploads themselves. One Property Preservation company, KDS Property Services, had measured savings of $14,300 in a two week period. They said, "It is a simple matter of having software perform the keystrokes that would be performed by a data entry person - only more efficiently without the chances of human error in uploading."

We began using Macro Express Pro in February 2008 and as of November 2008 we had processed and uploaded over 6 million files. By the end of January 2009 we are projected to have uploaded 9 million. The system runs 24x7 on 30 VMWare virtual workstations. All virtual computers are running on a single HP Server. And the operation of this entire system is handled by one person!

Joseph Weinpert, CEO
Professional Grade Automation Software

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