Gets the (Data Conversion) Job Done

In March 2008 a bank hired Bluepoint Design to retrieve data from a database on one system and convert it and upload it to another database. Collecting the information required using a terminal emulation program to visit several screens and harvest data from those screens. The information gathered was combined, converted and saved to a file in a format that could be imported into the new database. We decided to use Macro Express Pro (still in beta) to accomplish this. Cory Jackson, CEO of Bluepoint Design says "Macro Express has always been a 'go to' program for me. I see a problem and use Macro Express to solve it."

The success of this job resulted in the referral of more banks with similar needs. The latest conversion, instead of using terminal emulation software, used a web based interface.

In June 2008 another bank asked Bluepoint Design to convert data for 18000 customers with 36000 records. Unlike the other jobs, this database could only be accessed via a java based window on a web site. The macro had to bring up multiple screens for each client, harvest customer and order information, parse and process the data and save the result into a file.

The process of collecting the data was much slower with the web based interface compared with the terminal emulation interface used previously. Because of this, additional parsing of the data was required to validate and check for errors. Even though the process was slower, the customer wanted the conversion done in a short amount of time. So 6 separate computers were utilized to run Macro Express Pro and convert different portions of the data. All copies of Macro Express Pro saved the results into a single file. The process took several days but finished on time and with complete accuracy.

Cory A. Jackson
Bluepoint Design

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