Transfer Information Between Disparate Systems

A large Eastern hospital with 1800 doctors asked Bluepoint Design to translate AutoScript scripts to Macro Express Pro and rewrite and update them in the process. The hospital has several different computer systems each dedicated to different tasks such as patient management, accounting and billing. Information is collected from the various systems and, using a java based web screen, entered into the main data management system. This is done using the user interfaces of the different systems just like a person could do manually.

Certain account collections are identified and information is pulled from those accounts. A screen on another system is opened and the account number is entered. Information is then gathered from the screen and data is typed into several fields. Decisions are made based on the content of the fields, information is validated, entered into another screen and results verified. Then the processing continues with the next record.

There are 30 different jobs accomplished with 9 different macros. Some jobs run continually, others daily and still others monthly. One user at the hospital has a bank of inexpenisve computers, each running Macro Express Pro, pumping data between billing system to patient management system.

Cory Jackson says "This medical institution employs powerful million dollar systems but unfortunately custom programming to integrate with legacy systems would have been extremely expensive and taken an unacceptable amount of time. Using Macro Express Pro and a little time we were able to fill their needs utilizing the normal UI for 5% of modification costs to the new systems. What’s more Macro Express Pro affords them the flexibility to change and add capabilities to meet their ever changing needs for a minimal cost."

Since July 2008 Macro Express Pro has allowed the smooth transfer of information between disparate systems.

Cory A. Jackson
Bluepoint Design

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