Cleanup, Reconcile and Combine Information

A client receives names and geographical data from many different sources. The data from each source have different and often inconsistent formats. This information must be combined and differences reconciled before it is submitted to a batch processing service.

Macros process and correct errors in the data. Common nicknames such as ‘Bob’ are converted to proper names like ‘Robert’. Other cleanup and expansions are performed. For example ‘Dave & Janice Jones’ may be converted to ‘Jones, Dave’ and ‘Jones, Janice’. Differences that cannot be automatically resolved are presented to an operator for manual mediation. The information is presented and someone chooses the correct version of the information.

Once the data is cleaned, combined and reconciled it is converted to XML format and uploaded to the data processor via the FTP commands in Macro Express Pro. When the third party has completed their processing, they send an email indicating that the conversion is done. Microsoft Outlook receives the email and special rules in Outlook trigger a macro that then downloads the results. A user can then review the final data in an Excel spreadsheet.

Cory Jackson says "We have been using Macro Express Pro to perform this conversion since July of 2008."

Cory A. Jackson
Bluepoint Design

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