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"I have used Macro Express for many years. Quite frankly, without it now, I'd feel as if I were working with one hand tied behind my back. It's a terrific program." --Peter S., FL
"After all these years, I still find Macro Express to be an extraordinary tool. One of my clients, who has upper body mobility impairments, uses dozens of my Macro Express scripts. The macros save her hours of drudgery every day. I once timed her performing a procedure with and without macros: 16 vs. 70 minutes! When I am working on my computer, I invoke Macro Express scripts constantly, hundreds, maybe thousands of times per day. I am kind of lost without Macro Express. So thank you for continuing to make an excellent product." --Alan Cantor, Cantor Access Inc.
"It's [Macro Express] been one of the most AMAZING programs I've ever used and now depend on it. Thank you for all your hard work!" --Dan R., AZ
"I love the program, I've been a user for many years, definitely one of the best pieces of software I have ever used!" --Robert R., MO
"I have been using Macro Express Pro for many years and it has saved me hundreds of hours, from printing out my signature to template letters. I could say that anyone not using this program is really missing out on an incredible tool, which works in any program from simple Notepad, Excel, Word and creating emails in Gmail." --Paul FitzGerald, CEO Richmond Oak Conservatories Ltd
"I have over 85 complex queries/reports/analyses that run every day and email out to 100's of recipients throughout the company. I would pay 10x the price you charge. People cannot believe the work output from my desktop. Thanks for an amazing productÖ MACRO EXPRESS makes me look really good!" --Todd H., NY
"I am a huge fan of Macro Express. I am running 82 custom macros, many of which are quite complex and I have had no trouble to date with the app, notwithstanding today's bump in the road which I am sure was not related to Macro Express. I would wholehearted recommend Macro Express to anyone who has repetitive tasks as means to substantially increase one's productivity." --Alex C., PA
"I was able to refine a manual hard-copy data entry process that averaged [from] 30 seconds to 2 minutes down to 7 seconds. [We] enter a simple invoice number and then Macro Express enters all data 'automamagically'." --Tlaloc R., CA  more information
"Director of Operations saw one of the many automation routines I created with the help of Macro Express and said to me, 'You are scary!'. Testimonial being, I was called scary but I still got to keep my job. Thank you, Insight Software, for helping turn what would/should normally be taken as a discouraging remark into a bona fide compliment! --Tlaloc R., CA
"My father in law, who is 101 years old, is a fanatic user of Macro Express. That's because he is nearly blind and finds it easier to use keyboard-macro's than mouse-clicks." --Hans, Netherlands
"This is the best program...[the price] is way too low. I would pay at least 5 times that price when I consider what it does for me. And I bet I have only scratched the surface. It does the work of a full time analyst 7 days a week. It makes me look like a genius!" --Todd, NY
"I love your product. I've been using it for years." --Gary F., CA
"The macro works better than I could have ever hoped for. It reads the ASCII file for instructions on which fields to capture, goes to the reg form and grabs just those fields, and then heads over to FileMaker and blasts them into the current record in a flash. It has transformed the way that I capture data, I am absolutely tickled that I was able to figure this out mostly on my own, and am grateful for your assistance." --Rick, CA
"I have been a Macro Express user for many, many years, primarily at my former workplace (I am now retired). Now I use Macro Express for my personal purposes. But during the years that I (and others) used MacExpress at work, it saved my organization an incredible amount of labor costs and enabled us to perform work that would otherwise be deemed far too labor-intensive to even be considered. In short, Macro Express is a wonderful product that permits its users to take innovative approaches to doing work. Thank you so much!!" --William M., GA
"Went from a human processing 2 records a minute to my macros processing 7 records per minute. Human 7 hour day, maybe get 800 to 900 a day. Macros 24 hours day get over 10,000 records a day. Love your product!" --Jon D., ID
"Macro express is without doubt the most valuable piece of software that our company owns, when judged on return on investment, and you may quote me!" --Peter Twartz, Jands, Australia
"I am retired now but I was told by another co-worker after I left the company that it was requiring 2-3 people to do my old job. I used Macro Express for many years in tandem with visual basic and other 3rd party programs. The mainstay of all of it of course was your wonderful Macro Express. Thanks for a great software program." --Mike G., Australia
"I started using Macro Express many years ago at another job, and have insisted on it in my previous job as well as this one. I use Macro Express at work daily and would nearly be crippled without it. Thank you so much for such a useful tool." --Jason R., UT
"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that this one of the two or three best pieces of software I have ever used. I have used it for years and cannot say enough about the quality of this product and about your efforts to constantly improve it." --Bruce Binder, Technology Therapist, CA
"What a wonderful tool. Your suggestion worked perfectly ... and saved me at least 40 hours of work. I canít thank you enough!" --Dan Zeloof, Inner Security Systems, Inc  more information
"Please, Please keep up up the great work. Everyone that sees the work your program does for me at work is amazed. Awesome job." -- Sean S., Texas
"I use Macro Express 10 hours a day, 6 days a week (for years). It is the single-most valuable piece of software on my computer." --Al W., NY
"In the course of using Macro Express, I was named (by name) by my management for recognition of outstanding support in our corporate wide newsletter. Couldnít have done it without Macro Express. This was a very complex task, interfacing to a few different applications, multiple screens and lots of "screen scraping" (via a Citrix session!), yet Macro Express rose to the occasion and has shined!" --P. Ferris, OK  more information
"I think of Macro Express as my ultimate productivity tool and I have to laugh when I recall what I was doing before I found it. When I first tried Macro Express I was like 'Oh my G**, this is going to change everything I do!'. Five years down the line and I can confirm that it did just that!" --Michael S., UK more information
"I have tried VBA within MS Word, I tried to learn to use REBOL and JAVA. In little more time than I could write the "Hello World" beginner's scripts on those, with Macro Express I am up and running with functioning interactive macros and a stable, easy to install and use program on my network environment." --Jacques G., MD, Lousianna
"I have been using your product, over the last month, and it has saved me more time than I could ever have hoped! With over one hundred sites to support, your software creates manageability, where heretofore there had been only aggravation. Thank You!" --Brian H., Texas
"I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. I have had it for a few years now and I have used it at every computer job I have had. Anytime I have had a task that needed to be repeated multiple times I knew I could count on this program to make it easier and more efficient. From simple passwords to looking up and evaluating complicated values, it has not me failed yet." --Nathan K., UT
"Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoy using Macro Express. It's one of the few programs on my computer that ALWAYS works. I use it every day and it really makes my life easier. My favorite macro is one I made that alerts me to ebay auction closings. A few minutes before the auction closes it starts up and plays the theme song from the old TV show "Coach". I know it's time to bid. Thanks again for a GREAT product!" --George B., CA
"This is the one piece of software that I cannot live without. I've been in IT and computing for 20+ years in technical and management roles and this rates unequivocally as the #1 most valuable software I've ever used. Other people in my team at the Corporation where I work have purchased it through the strength of my productivity savings." --Alvin S., United Kingdom
"Thank you for Macro Express! I recall trying out Macro Express in college years ago (and loving it) and decided to try it out recently at work because my hands were aching constantly. After spending 2 hours constructing a macro to do a task I was expected to complete in a week, I was able to have the entire thing done by the end of the day! My boss is raving (and amazed) and the head doctor of the practice I work for is impressed. I wouldn't be surprised if I got a promotion soon. Thanks a ton!" --Jack R., Texas
"I have found that this product significantly decreases the amount of time I have to rename photos. Thank you very much for such an intuitive program." --Deborah R., Wisconsin
"Macro Express has been absolutely brilliant for my purpose, which is primarily the automation of a statistical program and the related database's that feed information in and display the output. By using Macro Express I can easily do in a few hours what would otherwise take a few man-days of manual effort to replicate. Pure gold." --Ross B., Australia
"Great program - a huge time saver. Thank you for increasing world productivity by millions of hours!" --Shane T., New Zealand
"What a pleasure Macro Express is to use. Iím automating a procedure today thatís normally very time-consuming and fiddly. Itís such a joy to map the thing out in my mind and then see it take shape as macros in no time at all. Thanks for this wonderful software." --Michael O., Canada
"To the team who wrote MacroExpress: You guys are great! You thought of everything. Every time I want to automate a lengthy or tedious task I just go back to your help file and sure enough, I find that you've got a nifty command that does exactly what I want to do. It is amazing. I now have over a hundred program-specific macros in my file. This is the best software bargain I've ever found! It has really speeded up my work. Congratulations!" --John Z., Arizona
"I have found Macro Express invaluable for sorting and updating stockmarket data." --Charles R., Australia more information
"I've used it to automate some of the most stupefyingly boring repetitive tasks. Fun to use. Great stuff." --John N., Illinois
"We used your tool to set up a ping routine against several ip's to prove that the connectivity we had to our main server leaving us blind for several hours each day." --Name withheld upon request more information
"Our documentation department has been using it for a couple of years now, and I can't imagine formatting text in our desktop publishing app without it. It easily turns an all-day task into an hour task, and paid for itself almost faster than we could blink. Nice app, nice interface, kudos to you guys." --Mike S., California
"Macro Express is one awesome programming tool! I am so glad I found it." --David K., Georgia
"Great program, I used it for 5 minutes and already deleted [another macro program] from my computer. Macro Express rules now."
"I have been a longtime Macro Express user, and not a day goes by that I don't use it constantly. It is truly a great piece of software and I feel strongly that you deserve an occasional reminder of a job well done!!" --John C., North Carolina
"Macro Express blends incredibly well with AutoCAD. I am so pleased to use your fine product. In essence it is the foundation for everything else I do on the computer. It has become a "secondary operating system" for me. It has served me well." --Wayne H., Florida
"Macro Express is an AWESOME product. I bought the software for a solution to a single problem, but now find myself automating just about everything I ever do on my PC, and loving every minute of it -- and every hour I save! Keep up the excellent work!" --Chris, Washington
"Your program has allowed me not only to increase sales revenue and move our company's ability to processes orders & improve database entry, but has also removed hundreds of wasted man-hours per month, and has allowed me to run up through the ranks of my company with each major success! Truly an AMAZING piece of code, and the minimum times I've needed complex support, you've been there each and every time with a helpful, professional staff. Thank you, with tremendous gratitude." --Walter S., Ontario, Canada
"I have used Macro Express and Shortkeys *every* day the last many years. I think it speeds up my work writing maybe 20% in efficency. Macro Express is great because it is a lot easier to make macros for MS Word in Macro Express than inside Word itself. I also save the macros outside Words templates, which sometimes disappear or otherwise get mixed up. Using Macro Express I have the macros available instantly and independantly of Office versions and installations. I also use Macro Express for my graphical work, since it enables me to have the *same* shortcuts for daily tasks like Close, Close All, Crop etc. in the different programs I use." --Michael K., Denmark
"Macro Express is saving our organization $1000's in overtime! Not to mention our employees are now able to spend time with families/interests rather than work." --Kim F., Kansas
"We save over 1,100 hours a month using Macro Express. Our company uses Macro Express extensively. One macro alone is used 33,000 times per month. Each time this macro is used, it saves our customer service representative 2 minutes." --Name and company withheld upon request
"I love your macro program. I think it is the best one on the market. And I just can not imagine anybody working with a computer to be able to work without it." --Jack D., Canada
"It might be said that I am very, very happy about this program. It saves me a lot of time in doing things again and again and again. Yesterday I drunk coffee while your program performed 50 times a change in the database in different debtors." --A. K., The Netherlands
"I'm sure you already heard it 1000 times: Many thanks for Macro Express. Its an easy to use and a very powerful macro tool. There is nothing that I miss and hardly everything seems to be possible with it! Its worth each pence and a must have for everyone to avoid doing a any step twice. I've never seen such a macro tool before. Great peace of a software product!" --Farai A., Switzerland
"This is a great product! During the trial period we developed Macros that have saved the company hundreds of man-hours of data entry. Projects that were put off for a year due to lack of resources were completed in a matter of days! My management didn't hesitate to approve [this purchase]. Thank you." --Ken L., California
"It is simpler, easier to use, and better in every way that it's earlier versions, which were also excellent. I have been using your software products for years, and have always been eminently satisfied. You really have saved me a huge amount of work. Macros mean everything to me. I make movies in Studio 8 and without a macro program that program is exponentially more difficult to use. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work." --Bayard B., Florida
"Just wanted to say that I've used Macro Express 3 for a couple of years and it is the best! I have saved so much time by automating tasks. And it makes working with a behemoth program like Adobe Illustrator a lot quicker & easier." --John T., California
"Love Your Product... I use it to automate the Broadcasting of our live Church services." --Nathan, Kentucky
"I cannot speak highly enough about Macro Express. I've used an earlier version for years and just now I'm upgrading to the latest version. If I could only have 5 programs on my computer, Macro Express would be one of them! This is truly one of the most useful programs I know." --Roger Z., Washington
"I want to compliment Macro Express on one of its most useful but less obvious (& less promoted) features. I refer to the ability to use the same Hotkey for many different macros, depending on the window name." --Arthur M., MD  more information
"I'd like to congratulate you on an excellent piece of software. Macro Express is turning out to be the most valuable piece of software I've ever bought. Well done!" --Rob L., United Kingdom
"Ever since we have started using Macro Express in our customer service department we have seen a marked increase in speed and efficiency in our workers. With the use of Macro Express we have increased our email turnaround times by up to 40% on the busiest of days. I don't know how we ever got by without it." --Trevor M., California
"This is the BEST UTILITY I have EVER come across.... So useful.. capable of making Bad software work like a charm. I have a huge investment in a piece of software that is just plain stupid in the way its menus and keystrokes work. Macro Express has made it work so nice ... [giving] me the ability to re-arrange and simplify the Bad software's cumbersome operation." --Jeff J., Pennsylvania
"Your Macro Express product is fantastic. It has helped me to recover from severe neck and shoulder pain caused by keyboard and mouse repetitive motion." --Miguel G., California  more information
"I would like to say congratulations on creating one of the most well executed and vital programs I have ever had the pleasure to use. Macro Express stands at the zenith of programming achievement as a shining example of the near perfect realisation and implementation of a product idea." --Anthony R. M., Austrailia
"Thank you for the great product. I have been computing for some time and rarely have the pleasure of finding such well constructed software. My congratulations and thanks for accomplishing what is so difficult for so many." --Richard B., Connecticut
"I'd like to thank you for Macro Express 3. It is a wonderful tool. I can't imagine not having it. You guys really have something special with this product. Any business couldn't afford NOT to have it." --David A., California  more information
"Your product saved many man-hours of work and tens of thousands of dollars for the one project we used it with so far." --Jeff J., Canada  more information
"Thanks for the great product! As a computer user since 1978 and a software company CEO I'm not easily impressed. But I am amazed at the functionality, ease of use and solid documentation in Macro Express." --Mike R., Washington
"This software is a luxury to some, but productivity enhancing one for others like me. I got acclaimed recognition from all our branches and head office for the enhancement [using Macro Express]." --Sebastien, Canada  more information
"I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent product. We were faced with populating some database code tables directly through the application's data-entry screens (mind-numbing and time-consuming work). Macro Express allowed us to automate the tasks and to finish the loads an entire day before a tight deadline." --Chris F., Illinois
"I have been using your FINE PRODUCT for 8 months. In fact, I landed my current job based on my knowledge of Macro Express!" --Dennis G., Vermont
"Thank you. This was a nice surprise! Macro Express is an excellent product, and enables me to streamline many complex and repetitive tasks, especially those involving software applications that have no common macro language. Thanks again for your excellent customer service." --Gary, Australia
"It's the best thing I've used. Thanks to your software, I got a hundred and fifty dollar bonus last month and anticipate a $200 productivity bonus monthly." --James L., Utah
"This is the best program I have ever used in my 15 years of computing." --Eric D., Indiana
"Macro Express is an amazing program. The possibilities are endless."    more information
"I could not believe the usefulness of Macro Express. I use it to type things I commonly type, Auto backup my email, open my editors and SSH shells while working, type common programming commands, and anything else under the sun you can think of to make more convenient on a computer." --David H., Utah
"I figure I've made back a minimum of 100 times my investment in the first year's use. Great Product! I'm hooked for life." --Mark C., Florida  more information
"Saves me 15 hours a week. I am thrilled to death. Biggest bargain on the net." --Gary R., Ohio
"I was thinking that I found something that can't be done in ME... I was so wrong! Thanks a lot for the tip, it works great! ME is definitely on my list of top software packages!" --Ivo
"I am a user of Macro Express and Capture Express and I just wanted to compliment you on your programs. I compared Macro Express to all the other macro programs I could find and none of the others came close." --M. Brown
"This program has already increased my productivity by 50%." --George, Texas
"Your software program is really brilliant! I'm saving loads of time - in sending out emails especially. I'll be using it for numerous tasks from now on - it's really a wonderful time saver. Thanks for such an excellent program." --Barry, Ireland
"Overall, I think Macro Express is a great product with more options than any other Macro program that I have used." --Dave, South Carolina
"Fantastic product! A complete lifesaver!" --Guatam, India
"I stand corrected - I said that your program looks like a good program I was wrong - it looks like a great program." --Phillip, Pennsylvania
"Macro Express has become a major tool for me and does an incredible amount of work in an unattended mode." --J. K.
"Macro Express has saved me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars." --David, Washington
"I love it. It works!!! It makes my life easier." --Kim, Germany
"Macro Express got my son a promotion." --Jim, Michigan
"Okay, I normally don't do this stuff but I've been using your Macro Express for so long and so much that one day, it suddenly dawned on me: 'I like this program. I REALLY like it. So why not send the good folks who came up with this an email of thanks so that they'll keep up their great work?' So here I am. Thank you very much."

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