How Customers Use Macro Express

Macro Express made things fly when it came down to crunch time

"Save time and have time to think about what you're doing" Tlaloc R., CA

Copy data from spreadsheet into a database

"Saved me at least 40 hours" Dan Zeloof, Inner Security Systems, Inc.

Paperless Conversion and Documentation Management System

"70 macros provide backup when ticket system is down for maintenance." Cory A. Jackson, Bluepoint Design

Cleanup, Reconcile and Combine Information

"Combine, expand and cleanup name and geographical information." Cory A. Jackson, Bluepoint Design

CAD Design and Machine Programing

"Oh my G**, this is going to change everything I do!" Michael S., UK

Call Center Special Projects

"70 macros provide backup when ticket system is down for maintenance." P. Ferris, Tulsa, OK

Saves Over 2000 Man-hours a Month

"The more than 100 Macro Express Pro macros in use at Corsa Performance save over 2000 man hours each month!" Joe Weinpert, Professional Grade Macros, Cleveland, Ohio

9 Million Uploads and Counting

"By the end of January 2009 we are projected to have uploaded and processed 9 million files using Macro Express Pro." Joe Weinpert, Professional Grade Automation Software, Cleveland, Ohio

Gets the (Data Conversion) Job Done

"Macro Express [Pro] has always been a 'go to' program for me. I see a problem and use Macro Express to solve it." Cory A. Jackson, Bluepoint Design

Transfer Information Between Disparate Systems

"Macro Express Pro affords the flexibility to change and add capabilities to meet ever changing needs for a minimal cost." Cory A. Jackson, Bluepoint Design

Update Stock Market Data

"I have found Macro Express invaluable for sorting and updating stockmarket data." Charles R., Australia
Share Trader

Reduce Repetitive Stress Pain

Macro Express has helped me to recover from severe neck and shoulder pain caused by keyboard and mouse repetitive motion. -- Miguel G., California

Save time on repetitive tasks

"I saved 30 hours on one data input / software testing project" --Mark Carillon, Florida

Importing Excel data into proprietary inventory software

"I got acclaimed recognition from all our branches and head office for the enhancement [using Macro Express]." --Sebastian, Canada

Any business couldn't afford NOT to have it

"At first when I introduced your tool to my company, they called it a "Low Technology Solution". Recently, they have done a 180 and now call it a "High Technology Solution" and have assigned numerous programmers to it." --David A., California

We saved $45,000 on One Project

"Your product saved many man-hours of work and tens of thousands of dollars for the one project we used it with so far." --Jeff, J., Canada

Use the F5 Key to Login to Any Web Site

"I use the F5 key as my log-in key for web sites that need it, such as financial companies or professional eductional sites. MacroExpress identifies the window and supplies the correct macro to enter my logon name and password." --Aurther M., Maryland

Helped Identify Network Trouble

"We used your tool to set up a ping routine against several ip's to prove that the connectivity we had to our main server leaving us blind for several hours each day." --Name withheld upon request

I recommend it on my Comanche 4 Guide

"It's near impossible to run a dedicated server, with an anti cheat program all at once with this game "Comanche 4" .. without having to go thru a lot of steps. With Macro Express I can now simply start up the server and walk away." 

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