Creating a Macro

Macro Express contains hundreds of commands to automate practically any function on your computer. Just press a key and let the macro do all the repetitive work for you.

There are several methods available for creating macros. No programming language or skills required.

Quick Wizard image Over two dozen Quick Wizards guide you through a series of questions and build the macro for you.
Capture Macro image Record keystrokes and mouse movements with the easy to use Capture process.
Edit Macro image Utilize the Scripting Editor or Direct Editor to write more powerful macros.

Running a Macro

Running a macro image Macro Express provides a number of methods for executing macros. These include the use of Hot Keys, Shortkeys, Scheduled Macros, Window Activation, Mouse Clicks, Popup/Floating Menus and others.

Restricting Playback

Restricting Playback Use the macro scope properties to define when a macro will run or not. Assign macros to run in all Windows programs (Global), in only one specific window (Window Specific) or program (Program Specific), or in every program except the one you define (Global Except).

Macro Express vs Macro Express Pro

Macro Express Pro has dozens of new features designed for the advanced macro user. Macro Express remains the choice for those with simpler needs. Compare Macro Express and Macro Express Pro before deciding which to buy.
Macro Express allows you to create multiple macro files. When first installing the program, two macro files, samples.mex (a set of sample macros) and macex.mex (which you can use to create and store macros), are installed. More Macro Express features.
Macro Express Pro allows you to load two or more macro files for simultaneous use. For example, utilize one set of standardized macros developed and maintained by your company or department while employing a second macro file created specifically for individual usage. More Macro Express Pro features.
Macro Express runs on Windows.



Ways to automate computer activities.

Case Studies

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Getting Started

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