Clear Variables


Use this option to clear the value of a variable during macro playback. Select to clear the values of all variables of a specific type, a range of elements in a single array variable or every variable used in the macro.




Script Editor > Expand Variables Category > Clear Variables



Clear all of this type

Select this option to clear all of the variable values of the type selected.


Variable Type to Clear

Select the type of variable to clear. There are five different variable types to choose from. These include Text, Integer, Large Integer, Decimal and Control variables.



Clear the elements of a single array variable

If using an array variable in a macro, this option clears a range of array elements for the variable selected.



Select the variable array to be cleared of values. Either enter the variable name such as %Sales%, %D%, etc. or click on the Variables button to find the variable from the list of available choices.



Select the first element in the array to be cleared.



Select the last element in the array to be cleared.


All variables between the first (From) element chosen and the last (To) element are cleared of their values. For example, consider an array variable with 10 elements and the numbers 2 and 5 are placed in the From and To fields. When the macro is run, only the values of elements 2 through 5 are cleared. The values of the other variables in the array, 1 and 6 - 10 remain unchanged and are not cleared.


Array elements start with [1] and not [0].



Clear all variables

Select this option to clear the values of all variables, regardless of variable type.



Note: The Clear Variables command does not affect variables saved through the Variable Save command.