Use the Find feature to search through the list of macros in the Macro Express - Explorer window. It performs the search beginning with the macro highlighted and continues through the rest of the list. Pressing CTRL + F or clicking on Search > Find will open the Find window.



Macro Express Explorer > Search > Find



Find what:

Enter the details of the search (what is to be found) in this field.



Search in:

Perform the search on the Nickname, Activations, Scope or Modified columns in the Macro Explorer window. Select which column to search through.


After entering the search criteria press the Find Next button. If a match is found, the macro that matches is highlighted. If no match is found, a message "Reached the end of the list" is displayed.



Match case

This option makes the search case sensitive. Capital and lower case letters need to match exactly in order to find the right match.





Find Again

If the first match is not the macro being sought, press F3 or click on Search > Find Again to go to the next match.