If Variable


If commands insert logic statements into macros. The If Variable command is one of the most powerful If commands available. Use it to compare a previously saved variable value such as a text string, window title, a number, or anything else for that matter with another value. If the values match (or don't match), the macro can take a specific course of action based on the results.


The If Variable command compares either a text, integer or decimal variable to a fixed value or to another variable. Comparisons may be equal, not equal, less than, greater than, less than or equal to or greater than or equal to.


The "Contains" and "Does not Contain" conditions are available for use with Text variables to test if specific characters are found or not found in the string variable.



Script Editor > Expand Logic Category > If Variable




Select the variable to compare and insert in this field. The example above shows variable N[1] being compared.




Select the action needed for comparing the variable with another value or variable. Below is a list of the actions (comparisons) available.



Does not Equal

Is Less Than

Is Greater Than

Is Greater Than or Equal To

Is Less Than or Equal To


Does Not Contain


Does Not Exist



Value to Compare with Variable

Insert the value to compare with the variable selected. Or insert a variable in this field to compare the value of one variable against another.


This field is not accessible when using the Exists or Does Not Exist options as no comparison is made. These two functions verify if the variable selected exists or not.



Ignore case (on string operations)

When comparing Text String variables, select this option if the comparison does not need to be case sensitive. If selected, the upper or lower case status of the text is ignored.