Import Macros


The import and export functions are convenient methods to transfer macros between Macro Express users. Use the Export command to save the macros to a disk or drive. On another computer import the macros from the disk, flash drive, or similar device.



Macro Express Explorer > File > Import > Import Macros



To import macros, click on File > Import > Import Macros. A Select a File to Import window opens with a standard dialog box to browse through folders to find the correct file. All Macro Express macro files have a file extension of .mex. Highlight the file to import and click on Open. A list of all macros found in that file are displayed.


Please select the macros that you would like to import

Highlight the macros to import by clicking on each macro.


Select All

This option highlights all macros in the file so that all are imported.



This option clears any highlighted macros so that none are imported until a new selection is made.


Click on the OK button to start the import process. A progress bar displays during the import process until the Import Complete message appears. Click OK to return to the Macro Explorer. This finishes the process and the macros are now found in the current file.



Note: If importing a popup menu, all of the macros contained in the menu must also be imported. Once imported, you will most likely need to rebuild the menu.