Import Playable Macro


A "Playable Macro" file format is available. Files with an .MXE file extension are similar to .EXE files. Double clicking on the .MXE file from within Windows Explorer plays back the macro.


Macro Express is not required to be running to execute the .MXE macro, though installation of the Macro Express player is necessary. The .MXE file may also be executed from a command line parameter to run a batch file.



Importing the macro

This option is used for importing a playable macro from another machine on a network or from a disk that contains a playable macro and converting it to a .MEX macro.


From the Macro Express - Explorer window click on File > Import > Import a Playable Macro. A dialog box prompts to search for the .MXE file to import. Once located, highlight the file to import and click OK to import the file. The Copy Hot Key window opens prompting to assign a hot key or other method for executing the macro. The imported macro is then placed into the list of macros displayed in the Macro Express - Explorer.



Macro Express - Explorer > File > Import > Import a Playable Macro