Script Editor > Miscellaneous Tab



Macro is Enabled

This check box shows whether the macro has been disabled or is still an active macro. A check in the box signifies that the macro is enabled (active).






The logging option captures any error message or command logging in the macro. Decide what to log and where to store the information. The information may also be viewed by right clicking on the macro in the Macro Explorer window. Left click on Macro Properties from the menu that opens. Then click on the Logging tag to see the results.


Log all Errors

This option logs any error messages generated during playback of the macro.


Log all Commands

This option logs each command that runs successfully and date/time stamps the command.



What to do with the macro log

After determining what to log, select what to do with the log.


Email Macro Log when the macro completes or aborts

Use this option if the log is to be sent via email. Enter a recipient email address and optional carbon copy and blind carbon copy addresses.


Save to Default Macro Log folder

The log details are saved to the default error log. The log location is defined in Options > Preferences > File Systems > File Paths. A separate log is created for each macro that includes logging details.


Save to File

Save the log to the desired file name and location. Enter the file name and path or click on the Browse button to choose the location.





Turn off the CAPS Lock prior to running a macro

With this option selected, the macro turns off the CAPS Lock key before starting the macro playback.



Restore the CAPS Lock state after finishing a macro

With this option checked, the CAPS Lock key is returned to the state it was in before the macro ran. For example, assume that the Caps Lock key is initially turned off and a macro runs that turns the Caps Lock key on during the playback. After the macro has finished playing, the Caps Lock key is turned back off again. In the previous scenario, leaving this option unchecked would keep the Caps Lock key on after the macro finished playing.



Note: These two CAPS Lock options previously were global options set through the Preferences in version 3 and prior.