Move to Category


Use this menu command to assign macros to categories already created. Highlight the macro to be assigned and click on Macros > Move to Category to display a list of categories such as in the example below. Highlight the category to move the macro into and press the OK button. The macro is now assigned to the category selected.



Macro Express Explorer > Macro > Move to Category



The other method is to drag the macro from the Macro Express - Explorer list to the desired category. To drag the macro, highlight the macro, hold down the left mouse button and move the pointer to the category listed in the Category column. When the mouse is pointing to the correct category, release the left mouse button. The macro is assigned to the category. Expand the category to view all macros stored in that category.


With either of the above options, also highlight a block of macros and move them all at once to the category of choice.



Note: The categories selected are specific to the macro file that is currently open. When opening a new macro file, the categories created for the new file are displayed. If more than one macro file is open, multiple sets of categories are displayed, one set for each macro file.