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Macro File Networking

Macro Express can be set to run over a network using the options described below.


Lock the macro(s) currently being edited

This option prevents two or more users from editing a macro at the same time by locking the macro as it is being edited. If this option is disabled the lock is neither set nor checked when a macro is edited. If the Lock the Macro(s) Currently Being Edited option is disabled and two or more users edit a macro at the same time, the macro may become corrupted. We recommend leaving this option enabled.


Synchronize the macro file

This option is available to allow automatic synchronization of data files between users on a network. This updating can be set to occur every minute, every two minutes on up to every 999 minutes.


For example, if the interval is set to 5 minutes and another user makes a change to the same macro file currently open, then within 5 minutes the macro data will automatically be synchronized between the networked computers.


When running Macro Express over a network there are options to prevent certain users from changing any of the Macro Express data. This may be accomplished via the Command Line Parameters.


Sync every ___ minutes

Enter the time interval in minutes of the synchronization schedule.



Note: Multi-user networking of this product requires the purchase of a multi-user license.