Place on Desktop


Use this option to place an icon of any macro onto the desktop. In order to do this, highlight the macro from the list of macros in the Macro Express - Explorer. Then click on Macros > Place on Desktop. The icon previously assigned to the macro is displayed on the desktop. 


Selecting a Desktop Icon

Change a macro's icon by double clicking on the macro from the list of macros in the Macro Explorer to open the Script Editor. The icon in the example blue, a blue number five, is displayed to the left of the macro nickname.





Click on the icon to open the Select an Icon window.

Click on the browse button to open a folder with a number of icon options.

Or browse to another location on the hard drive where other icons may are stored.

Choose the icon desired.


 If an icon was not selected at the time the macro was created, the default Macro Express icon is displayed.



Note 1: When creating an icon on the desktop, the macro nickname also becomes the file name. Windows does not accept the following characters in a file name: / \ : * < > | ? and *.

Note 2: To remove an icon from the desktop, right mouse click on the icon and select delete from the menu that opens.



Highlight macro in Macro Express - Explorer > Macro > Place on Desktop