Program Navigation


Macro Express consists of several components which may be accessed by clicking on the icons in the Toolbar or through the menu commands. Each component is briefly discussed below with links provided for more detailed information.



Macro Explorer

By default, the program opens to the Macro Express - Explorer. This displays the list of macros in the file currently open. When saving macros in the editors or other options, the program returns to the Macro Explorer.

New Macro

Click on the New Macro button to start the process of building a macro in the Script Editor or Direct Editor. The first step prompts to select an activation method and assign a name to the macro. The next step opens the Script Editor to begin creating the macro. The Script Editor is the default editor.


If desired, click on the Direct Editor icon while in the Script Editor to switch to the Direct Editor.

Edit Macro

Highlight a macro from the list of already created macros. Click on the Edit Macro button to open the Script Editor and display the macro. Or double click on the macro in the list to open it in the Script Editor.


Starts the process for recording or capturing a macro. Keystrokes and mouse clicks/movements are recorded and saved.

Quick Wizards

Opens the Quick Wizards dialog. There are 25+ different wizards to provide step by step instructions for creating various macro types.

Recycle Bin

Macro Express contains its own recycle bin. Any macros deleted from the Macro Explorer are sent to the Recycle Bin. If a macro is deleted by mistake it can be restored to its original file. Or the macros in the recycle bin may be removed permanently.