Macro Express Explorer > Options > Preferences > Startup > Startup



Program Startup

Show the splash screen

Displays the Macro Express Splash screen for a few seconds while the program is loading.


Show Macro Explorer on startup

Instructs the Macro Express - Explorer to load and display when Macro Express starts up.





Windows Startup

Run when Windows starts up

This option instructs Macro Express to load when Windows starts.


Wait for ____ seconds before initializing the program

On some computers Windows is not completely ready for Macro Express when it tries to load the program. This may be caused by other programs that are loaded when Windows starts.


This option instructs Macro Express to wait the number of seconds specified to ensure that Windows is fully loaded. Most computers do not need this delay. If necessary, experiment with the amount of time to wait.


Command line parameters

Macro Express provides a number of command line parameters that are available for use at program startup. Enter the parameters in this edit field so that they will be in effect when the program starts on Windows startup.

For example, to have the program run in Browse Mode and in Network mode, insert the following into the edit field: /B /N



**The Windows Startup options are not available in the portable version.