System Macros


Macro Express defines several system macros for a variety of program functions. The macros are stored in a System Macro file and are available with any macro file currently open. Each of the system macros is described below.



Reassigning a System Macro hot key

The system macros are assigned to hot keys but may be renamed at any time to something that is easier to remember. To rename a system macro, expand the System Macros category and right mouse click on the macro to change. Left click on Properties from the menu to open the System Macro window as shown below. Click on the Change button and select another hot key combination.



Macro Express Explorer > Open System Macros Category > Double Click on System Macro



Description of the available system macros


System Macro

Default Hot Key


Terminate Macro Express


Terminates Macro Express, Editor and Player

Run Macro Express Editor


Activates the Macro Express - Explorer window. It brings the Explorer program to the forefront from it's hidden or minimized state.

Start/Stop Capture


Starts capturing keystrokes or mouse movements for a new macro. When finished capturing, press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X again to stop recording.

Resume Pause


If a macro contains a Pause command press the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Y hot key to resume the macro and close the Pause window.

Menu of Macros for Topmost Window


Opens a popup menu listing all Window Specific or Program Specific macros that pertain to the window that is active when the hot key is pressed.


For example, press the hotkey while notepad is the active window and all Window or Program Specific macros set to notepad will be displayed in the menu.


Optionally choose to display any macros that are set to Global Except that do not exclude the active window. Or choose to display all global macros.


Select to display the icons associated with the macros, the name of each macro in the menu, or the first part of a macro script.

Suspend / Resume Macro Express


Toggles between suspending Macro Express and resuming its active status. No macros will play back while Macro Express is suspended.


The icon in the notification area is changed to a gray icon when Macro Express is suspended.

Capture a Temporary Macro


This is a quick way to capture a macro for testing purposes. No assigning of hotkeys or checking settings is required. The macro is saved temporarily for playback.

Play the Captured Temporary Macro


Starts the play back of the temporary macro created.