Wait for File to be Ready


This command instructs a macro to wait until a file is ready before continuing. If a macro launches a particular file, it could wait until the application is loaded and the file is ready, before allowing the subsequent steps to proceed. This is a different approach than using a Wait for Window Title command.


Use this command in situations where the macro should continue only after an application has finished writing to the file. The file may exist for some time before the application has finished writing to it. The Wait for File to Be Ready command waits until the file is no longer being written to.



Note: If the file does not have write permissions then the macro will always flag the file as not being ready. In Windows Vista and later, any files located in the Program Files folder do not have write permission.



Script Editor > Expand Timing Category > Wait for File to Be Ready




Insert the entire file path and drive or click on the Browse button to navigate to the location of the file.



File must be ready for xx seconds

Insert the number of seconds that the file should be ready before the macro continues. This helps ensure that the file is ready for other activity before the macro continues.





Wait Indefinitely

With this option checked, the macro does not resume until the Wait For action specified has occurred. 


Wait at most

With this option checked, the macro waits the number of hours, minutes and seconds specified for the Wait For action to occur. If that action does not take place within the specified time frame, the macro takes the action selected in the On Error tab.