Web Site


Use this command to open a web page. Just enter the web site address and click the OK button. The web site entered is launched when the macro is run. If the browser is not open, the macro also opens the browser.



Script Editor > Expand Internet Category > Web Site



Please enter the website

Insert the URL that is to be opened. If opening a secure web page, just insert the "s" in the default http:// setting. Change it to https://.




Rather than type in a URL, click on the Favorites button to open the list of URL's in the Favorites folder. Select the URL, highlight it and click OK to insert the URL into the address field.



Launch Using

Select which browser to load and open the web page.


Default Browser

This option loads the browser that currently is designated by Windows as the default web browser.


Internet Explorer

The other option is to select Internet Explorer as the browser. If Internet Explorer is already the default browser, then either selection is valid. But if another browser is currently set as the default and macro timing is critical, consider selecting Internet Explorer to take advantage of the Wait for Web Page option.



Wait for the Web Page

When selected, the macro pauses until the web page has fully loaded. After the page has fully loaded, the macro continues. The Wait for Web Page option is only available for Internet Explorer.





Don't process embedded variables

When using a variable in the website field, this option ignores any % signs found within the variable value and will not attempt to treat the % signs as an embedded variable. It will just expand the % sign as a standard character during macro runtime.




Assume for example a variable of %T[1]% with a value of https://www.macros.com/abc%23%/support.htm.


1. With this option selected, the macro will load the web page found at https://www.macros.com/abc%23%/support.htm.


2. If the option is not selected, then the macro will assume that there is a variable of %23% and look to expand its value.

  a. If the variable %23% does not exist, then the macro will generate an error because it could not find the value for this variable.

  b. Otherwise it will expand the value of %23% within the main variable.




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