Window Title


The Window Title activation instructs the macro to execute any time a specific event occurs for the window title selected.




Macro Express Explorer > Macro > Add Macro - Or click on New Macro Icon



Window Title to Look For

In the edit box, enter the title of the Window for the macro to find. The window title is that which appears in the caption bar of a window. Macro Express examines all window titles running on the computer in an attempt to find a match.


Click on the Browse button to see a list of all windows currently running on the computer. This includes both windows that are visible when open and other system windows that are not seen, though open. Select the window and click OK.



Partial Match/Exact Match

The Window Title does not need to be an exact match. A partial match will work. For example, if looking for the Windows Notepad program, one could insert "notepad" or "notep". This is particularly useful as some Window Titles change based on whether a given file is open. Case sensitivity is not required. For example, "NOTepad" will work as well as "notepad".


The Title contains Wildcards

Select this option if a wildcard is included in the window title name. A wildcard includes the " * " or " ? " characters in the title to expand the possibilities of a match. These are similar to the wildcards used in Windows for searches.



Event to Activate On

Select from one of four different events to trigger the macro. These are described below.





Window Gains Focus

The macro starts as soon as the specified window becomes the active window and has focus.

Window Loses Focus

The macro begins playback as soon as the window is minimized or sent to the background.

Window is Closed

The macro starts when the defined window is closed.

Window is Opened

The macro starts when the specified window is open.







Macro Nickname

Optionally assign a name to the macro to more readily determine what the macro does.



Build as a Popup Menu

Select this option to open the Menu Builder window and create a popup menu.