Windows System Commands


The following Windows system commands do not open an edit window when using in the editors. The commands are inserted directly into the editor. Expand the System category of commands and double click on the command to insert it into the macro script.





Empty Recycle Bin

This command essentially does what its name implies, emptying the Windows Recycle Bin. 

Hibernate Computer

Places a computer in hibernate mode, which saves everything in memory on disk, turns off the monitor and hard disk, and then shuts down the computer. When the computer is restarted, the desktop is restored exactly as it was when first placed in hibernation.

Lock Computer

This function locks a computer workstation.

Log Off Computer

Closes all programs currently running and logs off of the computer.

Power Off Computer

Shuts down the computer and also shuts down the power to the computer.

Note: The Power Off function is only available for computers that support this feature.

Reboot Computer

Closes all running programs, shuts down and restarts the computer.

Restart Computer

Closes all running programs, shuts down and restarts the computer.

Sign Out Computer

Closes all programs currently running and signs out of the computer.

Sleep Computer

Puts the computer into a sleep mode, which places all work and settings in memory. A small amount of power is used during sleep mode.

Shut Down Computer

Shuts down the computer.

Suspend Computer

*Command Deprecated

Places a laptop in a suspend mode to save on battery power. It is recommended to use the Hibernate Computer or Sleep Computer commands.

Undock Computer

Allows a laptop or notebook computer to undock from a docking station.




*Deprecated Commands

Some macro commands have been designated as deprecated. These commands may be infrequently used, use out of date terminology, or are no longer supported by newer versions of Windows. In some cases deprecated macro commands have been replaced by new ones.


Deprecated commands are still supported in existing macros for backward compatibility. However, they may be removed from Macro Express in the future. Where possible we recommend that you avoid the use of deprecated macro commands.


By default deprecated commands are not displayed or accessible from the list of commands in the Macro Express Editor. To allow adding deprecated commands to a macro enable the Show deprecated commands option found in Options, Preferences, General - Misc tab.