Add Window


This window or similar is used in several places throughout the program, such as selecting a window specific scope, using the Wait for Window Title command, the Window Activate command and others that require selecting a window title.






The Visible tab displays a list of windows currently running on the computer that are viewable.




The Hidden tab displays a list of windows currently running on the computer that are not open (minimized to the notification area) or run in the background and are never seen.





Window Title

Enter the name of the window title or select the title from the hidden or visible list of windows.


Exact Match

This requires that the window name entered matches exactly with the name of the window running. For example, if listing Notepad as the window name, but the actual window title is Notepad - Untitled, then the match is ignored.


Partial Match

The Partial Match option does not require an exact window title match. For example, if waiting for a notepad window, inserting "notepad" or "notep" as the window title will find the running window. This is particularly useful as some Window Titles change based on whether a given file is open. Case sensitivity is not required. For example, "NOTepad" will work as well as "notepad".


The title contains wildcards

Select this option if a wildcard is included in the window title name. A wildcard uses the " * " or " ? " characters in the title to expand the possibilities of a match. These are similar to the wildcards used in Windows for searches.





A window with this title must be on top 

This option requires that the window be on top in order for the macro to continue. Otherwise, the macro will complete it's task whether the window is on top or hidden.


Include hidden windows in the scope

By default the macro will only look for windows that are visible, not those that run hidden and are not seen by the user. Select this option to have the scope apply to the windows listed in the Hidden tab, as well as those that are visible.