Address Book


The Address Book is a list of names and email addresses to choose from when creating email macros. Use this function to add names, make changes to existing names or delete names from the list. Click on Options > Preferences > Email to access this option. The Email Send command also has an option for editing the list of email recipients.



Macro Express Explorer > Options > Preferences > Email > Address Book Tab




Click on the Add button to open the Email Recipient Maintenance window shown below. The two fields will be blank. Just enter the person's name and email address and click OK to add that person to the list.



Address Book Window > Add or Modify Buttons




If the email address has changed for someone on the list or other information needs to be changed, highlight that person's name from the list and click on the Modify button. The name and email address are displayed in the Email Address window as shown above. Edit this information and click OK to save the changes.




To remove a person from the email recipient list, highlight that person's name and click on the Remove button. The name will be removed from the list.