Backup and Restore Macros


Macro Express allows for the creation of multiple files of macros. The macex.mex file is the default file installed. Or create a new macro by clicking on File > New Macro File from the Macro Express Pro - Explorer window.




There are several ways to back up the macro file that is currently open. 


1) Use the automatic backup routine found in Options > Preferences > General > Backup. Backups can be created at scheduled intervals and saved to specific locations.


2) Click on File > Backup Macro File(s). The file is backed up to the default location defined in Options > Preferences > General > Backup.


3) Click on File > Export > Export Macros to activate the Export Macros window. All macros in the file are displayed. Select all or some of the macros and save to a new macro file. This option does not preserve any category information.


4) Use the Copy and Paste options of Windows Explorer or My Computer. Navigate to the .mex file, copy and save to a different location.





1) From the Macro Express - Explorer window, click on File > Restore. A Windows dialog will open prompting to select the backup file. The dialog opens to the folder designated in the Backup preferences panel for file backups. If the backup options were recently changed, then it may be necessary to browse to the location where previous backups were stored.


Performing the restore closes the file currently open and replaces it with the backup file selected.


2) Click on File > Open Macro File to load in the backup macro file or a copy of the file. Browse to the location where the backup or copy resides and open the file.


3) Click on File > Import > Import Macros to activate the Import Macros window. All macros in the .mex file selected are displayed. Highlight all or some of the macros in the file and import them into the macro file currently open.