*Commands deprecated - See note below



If you enjoy listening to audio CD's while working at the computer, you can create a number of macros to automate features found in the CD-Player application shipped with Windows. Create macros to replay a favorite track, open and close the tray, start, stop or pause the CD for an interruption, or skip tracks -- practically anything except physically inserting the CD into the drive.  




Script Editor > Expand CD-ROM Category > Select Choice







Starts the play of a CD inserted in the CD-ROM drive.


Stops the play of the CD.

Pause CD-ROM

Pauses the playback of the CD. This is handy when the phone rings or some other type of interruption occurs.

CD-ROM Next Track

Skips forward to the next track of the CD.

CD-ROM Previous Track

Backtracks to the previous track of the CD.

CD-ROM Goto Track

Automatically forwards to the track number requested. A small box prompting for the desired track number appears. Enter the track number and click OK.


Specify the number of seconds to fast forward through the CD. Enter the number of seconds to step forward in the Seconds edit box.


Specify the number of seconds to backtrack through the CD. Enter the number of seconds to backtrack in the Seconds edit box.

Eject CD-ROM

Opens the CD tray to eject the CD.

Close CD-ROM Tray

Closes the CD tray.



If multiple CD-ROM drives exist on the computer, such as a standard drive and a CD-ROM burner, use these options to select which drive to use.



First Available

This option selects the first available CD-ROM drive.




Use this option to select which drive to use.


CD-ROM Drive Letter

Use this in conjunction with the Choose option. Use the drop down list to select which drive to use in the macro.





*Deprecated Commands

Some macro commands have been designated as deprecated. These commands may be infrequently used, use out of date terminology, or are no longer supported by newer versions of Windows. In some cases deprecated macro commands have been replaced by new ones.


Deprecated commands are still supported in existing macros for backward compatibility. However, they may be removed from Macro Express in the future. Where possible we recommend that you avoid the use of deprecated macro commands.


By default deprecated commands are not displayed or accessible from the list of commands in the Macro Express Editor. To allow adding deprecated commands to a macro enable the Show deprecated commands option found in Options, Preferences, General - Misc tab.