Converting from v3 or v4 to Macro Express Pro 6


By default, Macro Express Pro 6 installs to a different folder than Macro Express 3 or Macro Express Pro v4.


1. Macro Express Pro allows more than one macro to run simultaneously. When importing or opening a v3 macro file in Macro Express Pro, you will see the message displayed below. Answer Yes to place a File Lock command in each of the macros being converted. This prevents the macro from playing while another macro is already running.



2. Macro Express 3 files converted to the Macro Express Pro file format cannot be converted back to the older format. Keep backup copies of the version 3 macro files if you ever intend to revert back to Macro Express 3 use.


When converting the file to the Macro Express Pro format, a backup copy of the file in Macro Express 3 format is created. The backup is saved to the same location as the original file.


3. Macros written to automate Macro Express may not convert properly because the Macro Express Pro window titles have changed from v3. The accelerator keys have also changed.


4. Macros written in Macro Express Pro v4 will convert seamlessly to Macro Express Pro 6.