Create Macro with Quick Wizard


In this tutorial we'll demonstrate how to create a macro using the Quick Wizard. The Wizards will guide us step by step through the creation process. For this example we will create a reminder message to display on screen at the time we designate.


1.From the Macro Express Pro - Explorer window click on the Quick Wizards icon to start the wizard.

2.Select the first choice shown - Create a Reminder, etc. option and click on the Next button.

3.Select the Create a Reminder option and click on the Next button.

4.The next screen just points out a few possible uses for the reminders. Click Next to continue.

5.In the Edit window enter the text. For this example, enter "This is a reminder to purchase Macro Express at" Click on the Next button to continue.

6.Select the Sound Beep notification option to also play a beep when the macro runs.

7.Check the box next to Delete this macro after displaying the reminder. Once the macro has run, the macro is removed from the list of macros in the Macro Explorer and sent to the Macro Recycle Bin.

8.Click Next to set up the schedule for the reminder message.

9.From the drop down list, change the Macro Run option to Once.

10.Change the Run At time to 5 minutes ahead of the current time.

11.Make sure the date is set to today's date and click Next.

12.Insert "My Reminder" in the Macro Nickname edit field (without the quotes) and click Finish to close the Wizard.


Open the Macro Express Explorer window to see the new macro in the list of created macros. Wait the 5 minutes specified and the reminder message will pop up on the screen.


Close the message and the macro is removed from the macro list in the Explorer window and sent to the Macro Recycle Bin.