Creating a Hot Key Macro


In this exercise we will create a macro assigned to a hot key. When complete, pressing the hot key will run the macro.



Setting up the Macro and Assigning the Hot Key

1.From the Macro Express Pro - Explorer menu click on Macro > New Macro to open the Create New Macro window.

2.Hot Key should already be selected as the Activation.

3.Click on the HotKey edit box to place the cursor in this field.

4.Hold down the CTRL key, the SHIFT key and the T key at the same time and release them.

5.CTRL+SHIFT+T should appear in the edit box. This is the hot key we will define for the macro.

6.Enter "My Address" in the Nickname field.

7.Click OK to open the Script Editor.

8.Next, click on View > Direct Editor to open the Direct Editor, which we will use to create the macro.


Other methods to create macros are via the Quick Wizards or capturing (recording) a macro. These options are reviewed in other sections.



The Direct Editor looks like the screen shot above. 



Creating the Macro

1.In the edit field, type in your address.

2.Click on the Scope Tab and make sure Global is selected. Global is the default option.

3.Click on the Save and Close button to save the macro and close the Editor.

4.Open the Macro Explorer window to see the newly defined macro, My Address, added to the list of available macros.


Playing Back the Macro

1.First, let's run the notepad program.

2.Once notepad is running, hold down the CTRL key, the SHIFT key and the letter T. Then release all the keys.

3.Your address will type out into the notepad program.