Delete Macro


To remove a macro that is no longer needed, first highlight that macro from the list in the Macro Express Pro - Explorer.


There are several ways to delete the highlighted macro.

1.Click on the Delete Macro button

2.Click on Macro > Delete Macro(s) from the menu.

3.Press the Delete key on the keyboard.

4.Right mouse click on the macro and left click on the Delete Macro menu item.


A dialog window opens to verify that the macro should be deleted. Select Yes to confirm the deletion or No to cancel.


For mass deletions highlight a group of macros and delete them all at the same time.


Deleted macros are sent to the Macro Express Recycle Bin. If necessary a deleted macro can be restored to its original macro file. Or periodically empty all macros from the Recycle Bin.



Note: To bypass the Macro Recycle Bin highlight the macros to be deleted and press Shift + Delete. This permanently deletes the macros without placing them in the Macro Recycle Bin.



Macro Delete Command

The Macro Delete command deletes other macros during macro playback. Insert the command at the end of a macro script and the macro can delete itself upon completion of the playback.


This feature is handy for use with one-time reminder messages. The macro runs at its appointed schedule, displays the reminder and then is deleted upon completion. The reminder macro doesn't need to remain in the Macro Explorer list after it has run.



Highlight macro in Macro Express - Explorer, then click on Macro > Delete Macro