Directory Modification


This activation type looks for changes to files in a folder or to the folder. A macro starts when a change is made to a file in the selected folder or to the folder itself. Some of the available options include the macro looking for changes to file size, attributes, write time, security descriptor or checking if a file has been renamed or deleted.


Note: There is a maximum of 64 Directory Modification macros that may be active at any one time. Any macros over the 64 limit are ignored. This total spans multiple macro files that may be open.



Macro Express Explorer > Macro > Add Macro - Or click on New Macro Icon



Path to Watch

Insert the folder path for the macro to monitor or click on the Browse button to select the folder path.



What to Watch

Select from a list of file activities that the macro can monitor. These activities are explained below.


Create, Rename or Delete a File

The macro activates when a file in the selected folder is either created, renamed or deleted.


Create or Delete a Directory

The macro starts when the specified folder is created or deleted.


File or Directory Attributes Change

The macro plays back when the attributes of a file in the folder or the folder itself is changed. The file attributes may include the Read-Only flag, Archive setting, etc.


A File's Size Changes

Use this option to initiate a macro when the size of a file in the selected folder changes.


A File's Last Write Time Changes

The macro starts when the last write time (or modified time) of a file in the folder changes.


A Security Descriptor Changes

The macro starts if one of the security options of a file in the folder or the folder itself has changed.



Watch Subfolders

Select this option to monitor any subfolders of the primary folder chosen.





Macro Nickname

Optionally assign a name to the macro to later more readily help determine what the macro does.



Build as a Popup Menu

Select this option and click on the OK button to open the Menu Builder and create a popup menu.