External Script


The External Script command provides a powerful addition to Macro Express, providing a new layer of customization to the program. This command allows a macro to run other script languages as a part of the overall macro. Select from JScript, VBScript or HTA/HTML script languages.




Script Editor > Expand Macro Control Category > External Script




Select which scripting language to use from the drop down list.



Save console output to:

This function saves the output from the script to a text string variable. After the script runs it will contain output or error messages sent to the console by the script.


Enter the text string variable in the edit field or click on the Variables button to select the variable that will store the output information. This field may not be left empty.




Include any parameters needed by the script language. The parameters are based on the script language chosen.




Enter the script for the language selected. Either type the script in the edit box or copy from another source and paste.


Insert Variable

This option utilizes the contents of the variable when the script runs. For example, when the variable %Title% is inserted in the script, the contents of the variable are used when the script runs.


Insert Encoded Variable

There may be times when the name of a variable, such as %FirstName%, is needed by the script instead of the content of that variable. This option places some distinguishing characters in the variable name to instruct the script to not expand the variable content


For example the variable %FirstName% would be displayed in the script as {%}FirstName{%}. When using {%}FirstName{%} it will not replace the content of the variable before running and it will change {%}FirstName{%} to %FirstName%.


Search Functions

The following search features are available for the External Script edit box:


1. Ctrl + F - Search

2. F3 - Search Next

3. Shift + F3 - Search Previous

4. Ctrl + R - Search and Replace