FTP Site Connect or Disconnect


Only one FTP connection can be used at any given time. These commands assume familiarity with operating FTP servers and clients.



Script Editor > Expand Internet Category > FTP Site Connect or Disconnect



FTP Site Connect

The options shown in the window above pertain to connecting to a FTP site.



Insert the address of the FTP server to be connected.



Select the port used to connect to the FTP server. This is generally port 21.


Log in Anonymously

Use this option to connect to the FTP server anonymously. Most servers allow these kinds of connections, though they restrict the user to specific directories.



The login name used to connect to the FTP server.



Insert the password associated with the login name.


Passive Mode

This option is used if the user is behind a firewall. Most firewalls do not allow users to connect to FTP servers unless they are in passive mode. This is primarily for security reasons.


Response from Host

Any error or success messages are stored in the specified variable. It is up to the user to determine if the connection to the FTP server was successful. There are several ways to monitor the variable to determine the status of the operation.


1.Place the variable in a Text Box Display command to display the results at the end of the macro.

2.Use the Variable Modify String command to save the variable results to a text file for later review.

3.Send the results via email to an email account.





Don't process embedded variables

When using a variable in any of the fields of this command, the Don't process embedded variables option ignores all % signs found within the variable value and does not attempt to treat the % signs as an embedded variable. It will just expand the % sign as a standard character during macro runtime.




Assume for example a variable of %T[1]% with a value of ftp://ftp.macros.com/abc%23%/macexp.exe.


1. With this option selected, the macro will connect to ftp://ftp.macros.com/abc%23%/macexp.exe.


2. If the option is not selected, then the macro will assume that there is a variable of %23% and look to expand its value.


a. If the variable %23% does not exist, then the macro will generate an error because it could not find the value for this variable.

b. Otherwise it will expand the value of %23% within the main variable.



FTP Site Disconnect

Disconnects a user from an FTP server. This command does not have any effect if the user is not connected when the FTP Site Disconnect command is executed.