Import Program Configuration


This option imports all of the program configuration settings into Macro Express, if the configuration settings were previously exported to a file. The file replaces the current configuration settings in Macro Express. This would include any Preference settings selected, macro file in use, etc.


Click on Tools > Import Program Configuration to open a browse window to navigate to the file previously exported. Highlight the file and import.


This is a handy way to save program settings if planning to migrate to another computer. Easily import the settings back into the program after installing Macro Express on the other computer. If more than one user shares a computer, each user could save their own configuration settings and load them in while they are at work on the computer.


Another option allows the individual settings to be loaded at startup for each user by setting a Command Line Parameter. Each individual user would need to create their own startup shortcut in order for this to work correctly.


Note: Importing the program configuration from a newer version of Macro Express into an older version of the program may cause problems. The newer configuration file may contain additional data that is not supported in the older version of Macro Express.


Macro Express - Explorer > Tools > Import Program Configuration





**This import option is not available in the portable version.