Lock / Unlock Player


Since more than one macro may be run simultaneously, this command prevents another macro from starting while the macro containing the Lock Player command runs.



Script Editor > Expand Macro Control Category > Lock Player



Lock Player

The Lock Player command is typically placed as the first command in the macro script. This instructs the Macro Express Player to not allow another macro to start while the macro is playing. If a macro is already running when a macro containing the Lock Player command is started, it will continue until finished. But no other macros are allowed to start until the macro has finished.


Wait for All Running Macros to Complete before Continuing

With this option selected, the macro does not start until all other running macros have completed.





Unlock Player

This command is typically placed at the end of the macro script. Unlock Player instructs the Macro Express Player to now allow other macros to run.


When creating a macro, the Unlock Player command is inserted directly to the macro script without an intermediate window opening.



Note: If a macro is started by selecting the Run Now option, the Lock Player and Unlock Player commands are ignored in the running macro. The macro manually started by Run Now will also run, without waiting for the Unlock Player command.