Macro Express Commands


These commands all relate to Macro Express functionality. Only the Restart Macro Express command requires an edit window. For the other commands listed, open the Macro Express category of commands and select the command to insert into the script.



Empty Macro Recycle Bin

Macro Express has its own Recycle Bin. Any macros deleted from the Macro Explorer are sent to the Macro Express Recycle Bin. This macro command empties the Macro Express Recycle Bin during the playback of a macro. At this point the macros are permanently deleted from the program and cannot be recovered.



Reload Macro Express Preferences

This command reloads the Macro Express Preference settings from the Windows Registry.



Reset Hooks

It is possible for other programs started after Macro Express to improperly install themselves into the system wide Windows keyboard and mouse hooks. This causes Macro Express to no longer be able to monitor keystrokes or mouse movements and clicks.


This command reinstalls the Windows keyboard and mouse hooks used by Macro Express while the macro is playing so that Macro Express will have the first look at the keystrokes and mouse movements/clicks and be able to monitor them again. 



Restart Macro Express

This command closes Macro Express and restarts the program.



Note: The Restart Macro Express command should be the last command in the script. Any commands in the script after the Restart Macro Express command are ignored and will not play back. 



Script Editor > Expand Macro Express Category > Restart Macro Express



Run startup macros on restart

If any Scheduled Macros are scheduled to play back on Macro Express startup, choose whether or not to have those macros run again after restarting Macro Express. Select this option to run the scheduled macros again after a program restart.


Run "File Load" macros on restart 

If any macros are scheduled to start when a macro file loads, a restart of Macro Express causes these macros to run again. Choose whether or not to have the macros run again on startup of Macro Express. Select this option to run the File Load scheduled macro to run after a program restart.



Terminate Macro Express

The Terminate Macro Express command shuts down the Macro Express Player (which also shuts down the editor if it is running) from within a macro. This is obviously only to be used as the last command in a macro as no more commands will execute after this one.