Message Box


Use the Message Box to display messages during the playback of the macro. Use this function to create reminder messages. Set the macro to run on a schedule to remind of an important event. Or generate the message box to instruct users of what to do next in the macro.


This option is similar to the Text Box Display command, but with several differences. The message box displays one of several message icons. Several of the icons produce an accompanying Windows sound when the message box is displayed. But there are no options for dictating the length of time that the box should appear or rich text features.



Script Editor > Expand Dialogs Category > Message Box

Enter the caption in this field. This entry is displayed as the window title of the message box that opens during macro playback.

Insert the text of the message in this edit field.

Select an icon to display next to the text of the message. Or choose to display no icon by selecting the None option. Each of the icon options are shown below.








Sample image
Below is an example of what the Message Box looks like during macro playback. This is based on the entries we made in the MessageBox image above.