Mouse Click on Control


This command allows the user to send a click to the specified Windows control. This is most useful with buttons because it will make the button think that the user clicked on it, even if the mouse is not on the control.



Script Editor > Expand Mouse Category > Get Mouse Position



General Tab

There are three steps to setting up this command correctly.

1.Select whether to have the mouse single or double click on the control.

2.Choose the Control variable previously defined.

3.Decide whether to click with the Left, Right or Middle mouse button.



Advanced Tab

This tab determines the area of the control to click. By default, this command sends the click to the center of the control. Or select the Coordinates option and manually insert the X and Y coordinates. The coordinates are relative to the control.


The coordinates 0, 0 refer to the top left corner of the control. Or change the coordinates to move a number of pixels to the right and down from the top.