Notification Area


Macro Express Explorer > Options > Preferences > General > Notification Area


This topic discusses items placed in the notification area and notification area icon functionality. The notification area refers to the small icons in the lower right hand corner of a conventionally configured screen (next to the clock).



Display icon in notification area

This option, when selected, places a Macro Express icon into the Windows notification area when the Macro Express Player is active. The icon in the notification area serves two primary purposes.


1.It readily identifies that Macro Express is running in the background.

2.It provides quick access to Macro Express.

--Left click on the icon to open the Editor.

--Right click on the icon to open a menu with options to open the editor, access the help file or tools, suspend the program, shut down the program, etc.


When not selected, Macro Express runs in hidden mode. This mode completely hides the macro editor. In the absence of a notification area icon, use the system macros that are defined for activating the editor and terminating the player. Ctrl Alt Shift W is the default hot key to open the editor.



Show macro running status

This option displays the "Running Man" icon in the notification area during the execution of a macro. It signals that a macro playback is in progress.



Show recording icon

This option displays the camera icon in the notification area during the recording (capturing) of a macro. It signals that a macro recording is in progress.


Note: Windows 7 and later hides many of the notification area icons by default. Click on the Show Hidden Icons icon to display those hidden by Windows. The icon looks like a small triangle  in Windows 7 and like this  in Windows 10. Other operating systems should be similar.





Main Icon Action

Use this option to change what happens when left clicking on the Macro Express icon in the notification area. Select from three options.


1.The default setting opens the Macro Express Explorer window.

2.Let the program do nothing when left clicking on this icon.

3.Run a macro. Specify the macro file and which macro to run. The macro runs each time the Macro Express icon in the notification area is clicked. If the specified macro file is no longer loaded when the icon is clicked, the macro file will be loaded. If the "Close open macro files before loading another macro file" option is enabled, then all other macro files will be closed.