Recapture Macro


To overwrite the results of a previous captured macro, highlight the macro from the Macro Express Pro - Explorer list and do one of the following:


1.Click on Macro > Recapture Macro from the menu.

2.Right click on the macro and select Recapture Macro from the context menu.


Either action opens the Capture a Macro window to check the capture settings before recording. Then click the Capture button to start the macro capture.



Stopping the Capture

To stop the capture take one of the following actions:


1.Press the system hot key Ctrl + Alt + Shift + X

2.Right click on the camera icon in the notification area

3.Press the hot key combination of the macro being recaptured

Recapturing removes the contents of the existing macro and replaces it with the newly captured script.



Highlight macro in Macro Express - Explorer, then click on Macro > Recapture Macro