Macro Express Explorer > Options > Preferences > Activation > Scheduler Tab




Select this option to play a sound (.wav) file when a scheduled macro is about to execute. The sound file will not play back when using the When the program starts and When the macro file is loaded schedule options. The default option is to not play any sound.


Sound File

Enter the file name and path of the sound file into the edit field. Or click on the Browse button to locate the sound file. You may also select one of the system sounds available on your computer by clicking on the drop down arrow. Click on the Test button to hear the sound selected.

A system sound is a sound assigned to specific Program Events within Windows such as Asterisk, Device Connect or Windows Logoff. The sounds assigned to these events are selected in the Windows Control Panel either individually or as part of a theme. Not all system sounds listed in the Control Panel are available in this command.


Wait for the sound file to finish

Placing a check in the box causes the playback of the macro to stop until the sound file has finished playing. The macro resumes playback once the sound file has finished.





Check the scheduled macros every ___ seconds

Specify the interval, in seconds, for how often Macro Express checks to see if a scheduled macro is ready to execute. Macro Express will shut off the timer if no scheduled macros exist in the current file or none are active. The default setting is to check for scheduled macros every 10 seconds.


Suppose a scheduled macro plays back every 3 seconds. For the macro to work correctly, the Timer Interval needs to be set to check at least every 3 seconds. Otherwise some of the scheduled times will not run.





Disable the screensaver when there are scheduled macros

Screen Savers prevent a scheduled macro from running. This option prevents a screen saver from starting if Macro Express is running and if there are any active scheduled macros in the macro file currently in use. It stops the screen saver from starting, allowing the macro to run.