Sound File


The Sound File command adds sound to macros to help bring attention to a particular action or to just liven up the macro as it plays back.



Script Editor > Expand Multimedia Category > Sound File



Sound File

This command plays a sound from a .wav file or one of the defined system sounds.


To select a sound file click the Browse button to locate a .wav file on your computer or type the full path and file name of the .wav file. You may also select one of the system sounds available on your computer by clicking on the drop down.


A system sound is a sound assigned to specific Program Events within Windows such as Asterisk, Device Connect or Windows Logoff. The sounds assigned to these events are selected in the Windows Control Panel either individually or as part of a theme. Not all system sounds listed in the Control Panel are available in this command.


The Default Beep sound, defined in the Control Panel, plays if a system sound is not defined or no sound is assigned to the specified system sound in the Control Panel.




Click on the Test button to listen to the .wav file. This is a handy way to quickly test if the correct sound was selected. (The sound file runs immediately upon clicking the button.)


Wait for the sound file to finish before continuing the macro

With this option checked, the execution of the macro stops until the .wav file has played in its entirety. If not checked, the sound file plays while subsequent macro commands execute.