System Idle


Setting the schedule with the When the System Has Been Idle option plays back the macro after the computer has been idle (no keyboard or mouse activity) for the number of minutes specified. This option allows for up to 720 minutes after the computer has been idled.



Macro Express Explorer > Macro > Add Macro - Or click on New Macro Icon




After the Computer has been Idle for [  ] Minutes

Insert the number of minutes the computer must be idle (no keyboard or mouse activity) before the macro starts.


Run Every [  ] Minutes

This option plays back the macro every X number of minutes if the macro does not use the keyboard or mouse to change the idle state of the computer.



In the image above, the scheduler waits for the system to be idle for 10 minutes. The macro waits 12 minutes before running the macro.


If the macro does not require use of the keyboard or mouse, it plays back again in 12 minutes.


If the macro does change the idle status of the computer, then the macro does not play back again until the system has been idle for 10 minutes followed by the 12 minute wait period.


Only Run Once

Select this option to only run the macro once after the computer has been idle for the number of minutes specified.






Select a date and time range for the macro to play back from the three options available in the drop down list. These range options are described below.


Run the Macro Within this Date Range

Select a range of dates during which the macro may run. The macro plays back during the hours of the day and for the duration of the days selected. Select the Start Date when the macro is to first start running. Then select the End Date when the macro ceases to run.


Run Between These Times Each Day

Select a start and an end time for the macro to run.


Run the Macro Between the Dates and Time 

Select a starting date and time. Then select an ending date and time. The macro is available to run anytime between the dates and times specified.


Run the Macro Indefinitely

Run the Macro Indefinitely does not stop the macro on a specific date. It continues to run at the appointed time until the schedule is canceled or the macro is disabled or deleted.


Start Calculating the Next Run Time At

Select the date and time to start calculating the next run of the macro.


Run the Macro Between These Hours of the Day

Optionally choose to have the macro only available to run during certain hours of the day. Insert the start and end times.


Run the Macro on These Days of the Week

Select which days of the week to run the macro. For example, remove the check marks from Saturday and Sunday if the macro is not needed on weekends.