Variable Set from Miscellaneous


The Variable Set from Miscellaneous command is used to retrieve a variety of information about the computer, the macro file, or Macro Express.



Script Editor > Expand Variables Category > Variable Set from Miscellaneous



Variable to receive the information 

Select the text string variable to store the information retrieved. The variable can be used later in the macro.



Value to retrieve

Select the information needed from the drop down list. This information is stored in the variable chosen.


1.Obtain the path information to various folders on the computer such as My Documents shown in the example above.

2.Obtain various Macro Express information such as the macro file in use, the installation path, where the Macro Express preference settings are stored, etc.

3.Retrieve machine specific information such as owner name, machine name, etc.



List of Values Available  

Path to My Documents

Path to Start Menu

Path to Desktop

Path to Common Documents

Path to Common Start Menu

Path to Common Desktop

Installation Path

Preferences Registry Key

Name of Current Macro

Name of Machine

User Name

Registered Owner

Registered Company