Wait for Key Press


The Wait for Key Press command instructs the macro to wait until a specific key is pressed. The user may input text, move the mouse, etc. until that key is pressed. Once the selected key is pressed, the macro resumes.




Script Editor > Expand Timing Category > Wait for Key Press



Key Press to Wait for

Select the key to use from the drop down list. During playback, the macro stops when it reaches the Wait for Key Press command in the script and waits for the selected key to be pressed. Choices include letters of the alphabet, the function keys or several other common keys such as Enter, Tab, etc.


Note: Use caution when this command follows a Text Type command. For example, a macro contains the command "Text Type: <TAB>" and the next command in the script is the Wait for Key Press command. Since the previous command is to play back the TAB key, do not select the TAB key as the Wait For key. Macro Express sees the TAB from the Text Type command, thinks it is finished waiting and continues with the macro. It looks like the Wait for Key Press did not function properly. In this situation, either select a different key or insert a Delay command after the Text Type command. Or use the Wait for Text Playback command. This ensures proper macro functionality.





Wait Indefinitely

With this option checked, the macro does not resume until the Wait For action specified has occurred. 


Wait at most

With this option checked, the macro waits the number of hours, minutes and seconds specified for the Wait For action to occur. If that action does not take place within the specified time frame, the macro takes the action selected in the On Error tab.



Alternative Method for Pausing a Macro


The Pause command is an alternative method for pausing a macro. The pause displays a small window which may include a message for users to follow. Click on the Resume button or use the System Macro - Ctrl Alt Shift Y to resume the macro.