Wait for Time to Elapse


The Wait for Time to Elapse function instructs the macro to wait a specified number of minutes and seconds before continuing. This command is similar to the Delay command, but with a couple of noticeable differences. First, it allows for a much longer wait period (up to about 7 days). And perhaps more important, this command puts Macro Express into a wait state where virtually no CPU cycles are used, thus allowing CPU intensive programs to continue uninhibited.



Script Editor > Expand Timing Category > Wait for Time to Elapse



Wait for

Insert the number of hours, minutes, seconds to have the macro wait before continuing.


Note: This command suspends Macro Express for the amount of time specified. During this time the macro cannot be terminated by pressing the Scroll Lock + Pause keys or by right clicking on the "Running Man" icon in the notification area.


Warning: By putting Macro Express into this wait condition, access to Macro Express functions is not available, including stopping the macro until the specified time has elapsed. Use this command with caution.